What even is a "relationship loving geek"? Well, I'm someone that loves people as much as technology. I am always up for a chat, will listen with an open heart (and mind) and be there for you whenever you need. But I can also log in to the back end of your biz, set up a funnel, tackle your CRM and put make your PM system WAAAYYY more efficient! 

I am spiritual, I listen, I hold space. I don't just come at you with systems and apps and shit that makes you want to cry. That's what makes me different.

I'm Jem, a relationship loving geek. 

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You'll find me working outside MUCH more than inside

Outside Office

I work 100% cloudbased so as long as I have my trusty laptop, I'm online

My Laptop

I pride myself on surrounding myself with only the best people


I live and breath PM systems, ClickUp & Asana are just two that I use daily

Project Management

My fav communication tool is Slack, it keeps all my client communication organised and accessible

Instant Messaging

Communicate Openly

Trust My Instincts

Remain Positive

Build Relationships

Welcome New Ideas

My values